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Office Move

Since a few people asked for some images from our office here is some bits and pieces from the move.

In the meantime since I made these emages, the following things have already changed again:

  • The Cabling in front of the rack has been done nicely now. All cables are properly done.
  • The tables have been cleaned out.
  • I have put most cables on the railing

Only thing missing now for a complete infrastructure is:

  • The Power going through our top rails.

A few images.

New floor is beeing laid in our new office we will move into at the end of the week.

New Office
Entrance Area - with couch (relocated)
My table - before sorting the stuff and installing my monitors
3 USVs - 3x 16 AMP Plugs
220V distribution box
Welcome to the backoffice
Cable Trassee
PDUs not yet in the network but nice cable management already...
Power Feed with bigger plugs - hassle to make them
Cable management towards the rack will help
Rack cabling before done nice - just quickly plugged in
More Gear - Overview
Todo: Convert these boxes to rackmount but silent cases
What is it? ...... what does it do? ......