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Status update

as I already have blogged beforehands we have moved into a new office which has had quite a few new things up for me:

Perks and Improvements

  • All the cables should go on the cable railing / canal
  • Accesspoints can be installed on the cable canal and will therefore be finally positioned horizontally as intented
  • Work and Life balance is improved
  • Finally a proper 42 U Rack which can be closed without overheating (the old small one did have quite a bit of issues)
  • I can now run my BGP Router at the office with less noise issues
  • I can run all cables through one patchpanel
  • The Power distribution is finally done properly so I can relly use 3x16AMP
  • All the stuff will be properly grounded (Currently Work in Progress)
  • The important eqipment will all be running through battery backup
  • The door lock is independent of other people in the house - which is neat, now I can build an electronic lock if I feel fancy enough. Badge + Pin or whatever

Apero Plans

We are planning to run a small apero next week so if you want to show up please shoot me an email, a tweet or anything so I can put you on the waiting list ;) I will setup a doodle then to find the best date.