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Office Move

I am currently hardly at the office. The reason is, I finally found a new home for my work, and can clean out my home entirely from work. Which will be a good thing I think, I originally gave it a deadline of the end of 2014 to really move out. Now we found a nice little place for our own, >70 square meters of room, 1 single office but we will split it up so we can host all of us. The place has everything we need, the main fuses are 64Amps, right now the fuses behind that are limiting to 3x 16 Amps which is enough for now. Everything will be put into a proper closed rack, new wiring, all going to a patchpanel now from the beginning, proper power cabling, all with railings from the top of the room. Color coded cabling between the patch panel and the switch, and so on…..

Low supportlevel

If anyone of you is a customer of us - please excuse our limited service during this week. We will be back on regular speed again next week - and are hoping to improve service!

Make it awesome

New floor is beeing laid in our new office we will move into at the end of the week.

Stacks of new floor parts
Entrance Area
Empty Office
Front of the Restroom
Under the sink
Empty Office
End of the first day of work
End of the first day of work
End of the first day of work