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As some of you might know I’m currently travelling to serbia a lot. This is originally based due to some offshore development done here by one of my customers, and then continued with some folks I got friend with that travel back and forth aswell. I’m currently planning my 9th or even 10th trip to Novi Sad, since I’m going to spend a whole month in September beeing over there and trying to cut back on work a slight bit.

The Event

Last year, the first installment of a local hacker congress took place in Master Centar in the middle of Novi Sad. Quite a crowd of people attended, when I arrived there I was met with the challenge that the guys that were supposed to install the WiFi were struggling with a (definitely picky) WLAN Controller for HP APS.

We had 1GBIT Fibre there, I ended up installing pfsense on an ESXi (Since it did not install natively on the same hardware, whyever) and ran the network from that.

It was an awesome event.

This year

This year, I’m planning to be in charge of the network already. I’ve got some things planned already

  • The network will be connected to the internet via BGP, if Vesna from RIPE can help me aquire the “EVENT AS” plus a temporary v4, v6 Range.
  • I’m going to hook this network locally up to one or two routers of mine in Switzerland via a VPN Tunnel and run BGP there.
  • I am planning to use mikrotik gear for this
  • I already added the Mikrotik CCR1036 with 16GB of RAM (So it’s way overpowered for this) to my rack in Basel, and I’m planning to use this.
  • I’m now preparing BGP Setup with some help of the nice fellows at init7 to be ready for it
  • Scheduled is also a BGP Workshop during the time, so who ever wants to attend, come and meet me there
  • The WiFi should be running off about 12 Ubiquiti Accesspoints, I will just take them with me.