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Tool selection

I have looked around quite a bit for a proper IP Address management Solution. I was in need of a few requirements


  • Adding Subnets and they might need to overlap (if you manage customers networks, it might not have been your decision)
  • Nesting subnet - Reserving a large range for a purpose and splitting it up
  • Able to change a subnet later e.g splitting it or resizing it
  • I dont want any integration in a DHCP nor anything else
  • the GUI has to look somewhat decent and not like from 1995
  • Multiuser capable
  • I need to be able to mark IP Adresses for DHCP not bound by subnets
  • I need to be able to just mark an IP as “used” and not be forced to fill in a thousand forms before and registring a device as well. Rather have it marked as used and complete it later, than NOT doing it all if it’s too much of a hassle
  • use of a Mysql DB
  • Opensource/Free Software


Out of these requirements I found phpIPAM which looks like what I need. I will add some screenshots in my next post.