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My Rack at work / Home

So who has ever visited me knows that right now, I run a homeoffice. Which is not “Work from Home” - it’s run your work at home. Situation is shitty sometimes, work life balance down the drain, but I’m glad I will be moving out my office again of my flat at the beginning of August (Wait for some more pictures then)


I thought I’d show my rack briefly before move to give some old stuff here a bit of context. Will also dig out the old office pictures as well and post them before the move.

From Top to bottom

So I have quite a bit of stuff here

  • Starbucks WiFi Test-Router
  • DN42 BGP Router (needs not a lot of ram so that is fine with a few megabytes at the bgp table)
  • Raspberry Pi as Radius Server - this needs to be independent of everything else, can’t get on the WiFi to fix the Radius Server if the WiFi does not let me on if the Radius is down… so to say. This way it’s very simple to backup. Just image the SD Card.
  • Huawei S5700 POE Switch
  • Huwaei S5700 Regular Switch
  • Patchpanel. It has patched on couplings on the rear again which run regular LAN cables in the room, but it somehow keeps it neat. only cables that stay in the rack are fully patched through the hole in the bottom.
  • Huawei AR2220 Router, with two modules
    • 1 Port VDSL Modem - Slow to boot, slower than the router, but works fine. Every slot module has some operating system on their own
    • 4 Port SDSL Modem - need it for our Storage Room, not sure what to do with it when we move the Office. Will see.
  • RackServer (unfortunately not silent enough for every coworker) with our ssh gateway on it. Has a harddrive to keep logs. Backed up hourly since it’s extremely mission critical. Supports mosh
  • Mikrotik Router - will blog about the idea I have with it later.