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So I’ve just got hands on a very cheap box, single core dual threaded intel core processor, cheap mainboard, 4GB Ram (add 300 bucks to the bill and you get 32GB RAM

If you only need RAM but not really any CPU power this might be a nice experience. According to Vmware: “Recommendation at least 2 cores” - okay, fine, not recommended, why not go ahead? Unfortunately, ESXi does not allow to proceed so far, might need to look up a trick.

Anyone of the readers got a trick how to avoid that? I’d really love to use ESXi sometimes for a cheap test-Environment where it’s more important to fire up VMs at will but not clogging up my regular PC. This box would be perfect for this.

Btw, for people interested:

  • Intel Celeron 465
  • Gigabyte B75M-D3H
  • 4GB ram in 2x2GB Kit
  • Cheap 500GB Harddisk
  • Incredible cheap 20bucks Case
  • some 50 bucks powersupply - very very silent.

I also tried the box as workstation, with Ubuntu it performs very well. Much faster than a Nettop Computer, and this at a bit a lower price even!
I will post some new pictures of this box soon