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This sunday, some politic parties as well as some organisations like Swinog where I am a member started a new petition to the swiss chamber of legislations to stop the current revision of the lawful interception regulations here in switzerland. Since I have been interviewed by some potential customers in the past, whereas we have been questioned about our stance on data retention - the customer does not like to have any data outside their hand stored and saved somewhere, also due to partially intellectual property concerns, this is a valid point for me.

If you go with a cloud hosting provider that offers encryption on their servers if wished by the customer, so in case someone steals eqipment or similar, only the customer can decrypt it (the concerns about runtime memory readout are known to me) then it is only clear that you, as a potential customer, expect us to also be active against further expansion of data retention. So please, if you are a swiss citizen - sign up on www.bü