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PDU and automatic IP fetching

I hate bootp.

I really do.

The reason? Stupid iPod Touches did fetch bootp adresses by default instead of trying DHCP first. If you run a public wifi with local DHCP Server (which was specified for Swisscom SSID aka “MOBILE”) you will eventually fill your pool. Some of the areas means every 2 Weeks.

So I do turn off bootp wherever I can.

I just installed a new APC PDU in my rack and got the serial cable yesterday to actually configure it. So I did today.

This thing does bootp by default, so I turned this off. Unfortunately it insists on a DHCP vendor cookie for DHCP so it did never accept my IP address.

If you are running an APC PDU and it does not accept the IP from DHCP see that you turn this off. It suddenly did accept the IP Adress then.

Lession learned