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Well, we had the case if the not appearing files. Basically you are standing at your scanner, the document has been scanned to the drive, you go sit down and it is not there.

A link about it can be found here if this is the first time you hear of it.

If you are a techy (unlike me, they don’t allow me anywhere near the boxes with the flashing lights) below will mean something to you.

sc config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/nsi

sc config mrxsmb20 start= disabled

For which the credits go to the folks at:

And I overheard the guys at the coffee machine muttering something about roots and idiots I dunno but it had something to do with this;

and this:

Other than that it has been a pretty normal week really, the usual moans about ddos attacks etc  but other than that pretty quite.

So before you guys think who is this drunken Texan hillbilly*,my name is Rem, I am the COO and least technical guy at Openfactory GmbH, all the others are all as technical as they get.  Each week I will write a post about what has caught my attention in the world of digital security.

Till next week folks.


*I have nothing again drunken Texan Hillbillies, I have never met one and you might well be very technical and coherent.